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We are today at a critical period, not merely in the history of our own country, but in the history of the world. We are on the edge of an abyss. We are witnessing distortion of values, lowering of standards, widespread escapism and a good deal of mass-hysteria. People think of it and collapse in despair and frustration and hopelessness. These are the only things which are open to us. Due to disbelief and intense desire for political command undivided India was divided into three pieces with blood-shed divided into three pieces. On each and everyday People are going to be killed in Pakistan and Bangladesh and often Government is going to be changed by blood-shed. By driving the ruthlessly killing the people of other communities, the people of those countries could not attain peace. In India also in Kashmir and North-Eastern Parts Killing of innocent people for capturing the political power is daily routine. There is not a single village or town not a single part of city where political murder does not occur in various states. In each and every academic institution, industry, office and locality, people are divided in the name of political parties. Fraternity has gone away and one group is treating another as enemy. From the family to the Universe self-centered personal pleasure is the ultimate and most-coveted aim of most of the educated people in all the countries. Addiction to individual enjoyment is the gift of the development countries of the west to the under-developed parts of the world. On the contrary peaceful co-existence, renunciation and self-realisation with calmness are the gifts of the so-called poor India to the rich world through the teaching enshrined in our ancient literature. Time has come to study ancient India scripts for the human development which may lead us to overcome the crises of modern civilization. As is evident in attaining the objective of publishing the Journal. We have received generous support from different quarters. We place on record our immense gratitude to our knowledgeable contributors who prepared their articles with great authenticity. I have the pleasure to make a special mention about the effort put in by Dr. S.B. Poddar who deserves appreciation for his sincere co-operation and qualitative approach. I hope the friends and admirers of knowledge and its readers will bear with us for any lapses. With best wishes.

Manoj Kuamr, Chief-Editor










Volume:10, Issue:II, June 2020

Print ISSN: 2249-8907

Print Frequency: Quarterly

Start Year of Journal: 2009

Category: Social Science and Humanity

Chief Editor: Dr. Manoj Kumar. Department of Sanskrit, B.R.A. Bihar University, Muzaffarpur

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